Month: March 2024

A new Bauder-Pine bed

This week I stumbled upon a Bauder-Pine bed for $17 plus free shipping. Of course I bought it. It’s signed J McC — Jayne McCormick. Since I already have a Bauder-Pine bed for the Mansard Victorian’s downstairs bedroom, I’ll use this one in the attic bedroom. The light green bedding would have gone nicely with […]

Subway tile backsplash (part 2)

Picking up from my last post, I continued the subway tiles until I reached the bottom of the cabinets. My kitbashed cabinets aren’t quite square and there’s a bigger gap under the right cabinet than the left. I thought maybe I could shove the cabinet bottoms up against the top edge of the tiles, but […]

Subway tile backsplash (part 1)

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been puttering around on the Mansard Victorian’s kitchen backsplash ever since I finished the countertop in January. First I glued in the kitchen wallpaper. I prepared this scrapbook paper last fall when I started the kitchen (yikes, has it been that long?) but then I put […]

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