A new Bauder-Pine bed

This week I stumbled upon a Bauder-Pine bed for $17 plus free shipping. Of course I bought it.

It’s signed J McC — Jayne McCormick.

Since I already have a Bauder-Pine bed for the Mansard Victorian’s downstairs bedroom, I’ll use this one in the attic bedroom. The light green bedding would have gone nicely with the light green Bauder-Pine furniture.

But I have a set of the dark green furniture that I’m planning to use in this room.

Maybe I should add a dark green cover or pillows to darken up the bed?

I have a pair of nice lamps that I plan to put on each side of the bed. I pulled out a pair of Cassidy Creations end table kits to hold the lamps, and built one of them today.

I used a Minwax Golden Oak stain pen on the table kit, and it matches the bed close enough. The lamp will plug into an outlet hidden under the bed.

(I’m not crazy about that dark grain at the foot of the bed, but it’ll be hidden by the blanket chest.)

While I was playing around with this furniture, I realized I can use my light green Bauder-Pine corner cabinet and sea captain’s chest in the adjoining kid’s room.

I had been disappointed not to have a place for them in this house, so I’m glad I thought of this. I’ll put toys on the cabinet shelves like I did in the Victorianna’s nursery.


  1. Diane

    Very nice! I think a few dark green pillows will tie everything together. I love how this house is coming along!

  2. Michelle G.

    These are such gorgeous rooms! I love every detail. The chest is wonderful, I gasped out loud when I saw it!

  3. Pam H

    That is an amazing deal on a beautiful bed! What a great find! I’m enjoying watching the progress of this house! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Betsy Rogers

    It is really fun to see these unfinished rooms with the furniture in them! Something so “child-like” about it…. we can just imagine the rest… right? Play on!!! :)

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