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Victorianna – little girl’s room #1 complete

The Victorianna’s been on hold until I could make a Dollhouses Trains and More run to get all the trim needed for the exterior bay windows. (I was spoiled when I lived five minutes away from that place!) I made that trip over the weekend, so progress will be coming soon. First, though, I finished up the trim in the front bedroom (a.k.a. “little girl’s room #1”).

The bay window trim, baseboards, and crown molding were finished a few months ago. The remaining tasks were the edges of the wallpaper border, and the window.

When I glued in the wallpaper against the toy shelf I didn’t get it totally flush, so there was a sliver of bare wall at the top that needed covering up.

I added a very, very skinny piece of trim here. It’s not as tight against the side of the shelf as I wanted, but it’s unobtrusive and covers up the problem spot.

Then I added 5/64″ double bead trim to the tops and bottoms of the stuffed animal border. (It’s angled slightly where it meets the shelf, to fit over the trim piece.) I did my best to make the double bead straight, using the checkered wallpaper as a guide.

Next I glued in the window. Usually I put shims on the window trim to account for the Houseworks window being thicker than the wall (even with siding attached), but in this case since the window is far back in the room and hard to reach I thought it would be much easier to add the shims to the window itself, so the interior trim can be flush against the wall. Once the shims are painted you can’t tell they’re there — it just looks like a slightly thicker window frame.

Before gluing in the window, I added the plexiglass and glued strips of wood around the edges to hold it in place (this style of window doesn’t slide in like some of the Houseworks windows). I also added an interior sash.

Gluing in the window trim was a challenge! Again, the checkered wallpaper helped me keep things straight. I positioned the trim the best I could with my fat fingers, and then nudged the corners up and down with a toothpick. Since I couldn’t see the window head on, I had to take pictures as I worked on it to see what I was doing.

I added a window sill made out of cornice trim, like the one in the other little girl’s room. That one was a necessity to cover up a mistake I’d made, but I thought it would be nice if they matched.

I had barely enough cornice left to make a sill for this window, and for the square window at the bottom of the stairs. This is a Handley House trim that has recently become impossible to find. Maria at Dollhouses Trains and More said she’s been trying to order more and it’s been out of stock for months, so maybe it’s going to be discontinued. I hope not, I love this stuff! (I used the same trim as crown molding in the Gull Bay Cottage.)

With the window trim in place, I was able to do the last pieces of double bead on either side of the window, and now the room is done!

A few weeks ago I stitched a bedspread and two pillows for the sleigh bed that goes in this room. These are from the book Needlepoint 1/12 Scale, stitched over one on 36-count linen.

The comforter’s supposed to be a rug, but I added a few rows at the bottom so it can tuck in at the foot of the bed. It’s attached to the foam mattress with pins.

I’m still moving the house around a lot, so these little accessories can’t stay out, but I couldn’t resist spreading out some toys to see how they’ll look…

Love this view through the window!


  1. It looks awesome! It all goes together wonderfully! :D

  2. Everything has come together beautifully, and coordinates really well. It looks lovely.

  3. I look forward to your updates and gasped, this morning, at the awesome detail in the little girl’s room. I shouldn’t be surprised, any more, but your skills, talents, and patience are gifts that you put to good use. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful room, as well as your other successes (and challenges!)

  4. Love it! I am building my first house and I am in awe of all your work!!! I like when you show your mistakes and how you fix them. It inspires me since I am making many mistakes on my house. BUT…I know I can fix them,thanks to you. I hope someday my houses will be as awesome as yours!!!

  5. It’s always a delight to see how a room progresses and gets ‘finished’…the detailed windows with their trim, the hand stitched bedspread and cushions and the toys placed around the room certainly bring the scene to life…a lovely place for a young girl to play and dream away a few hours!

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