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Sunbathing with a bone

Am I going to turn into one of those people who shows off pictures of her dog at every opportunity? Yes, it would appear that I am.

It’s rained almost constantly since we brought Rosy home, but yesterday during a few rare hours of sunlight, we brought her outside for a warm nap. This dog is always shivery cold and usually sleeps curled up in a tiny ball. Not in the sun!

Lucky for her, in a couple of months the weather’s going to heat up and stay that way for a long, long time…


  1. Why is she always in a cage? Is it like a doggy playpen?

    • Yeah, it’s a playpen – good for times when we can’t keep a constant eye on her, like in the backyard near the swimming pool. (And she’s not always in it, it just happens to be easier to get her to pose for pictures when she is!)

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