Gull Bay – interior trim continued

Interior trim: booooring to work on, but exciting to apply since the rooms look so complete once it’s in. It’s also the last task I have to do to finish up the Gull Bay.

I already posted pictures of the downstairs crown molding and baseboards in my last blog. For the upstairs rooms, I pulled two doors out of my stash that I’d previously painted bright white for the Fairfield, then replaced with stained doors. I sanded a bit first, then repainted with a coat of the Raw Cotton I’m using for all the trim.

The doors are slightly wider than the wall, so I added leftover mullions to the inner edge of the trim to act as shims.

For both of the doors, this is the side with the built in trim.

And here’s the opposite, shimmed side. The shim blends right in, you can’t tell it’s been added. I’ve seen posts before from people who are worried about the doors being deeper than the wall — this is a simple solution to the problem!

Added baseboards next. No weird angles and with three sides of the house open they were very easy to measure and cut, so this all went pretty quickly.

Before gluing in the rest of the baseboards in the living room, I needed to glue in the fireplace. I didn’t like the black hearth I made previously, so before gluing I spattered it with different shades of gray so it would look more like the fireplace.

I had already cut the baseboards to go on either side of the fireplace, with a notch removed from the bottom to fit over the edge of the hearth. I glued in the right baseboard first.

Then I glued in the hearth, and then the left baseboard. The notches aren’t perfect since they’re square and the edge of the hearth is rounded, but they’re close enough, especially considering you’ll only be able to see this through a window.

Finally, I glued in the fireplace.

Here’s the finished living room.

And an overall view. All I have left to do is the window trim!

When I was at the dollhouse store picking up a last piece of baseboard, I on a whim decided the house needed a cat — a gray one, to complement the paint scheme. (I hope this isn’t a criteria people use to pick out real cats.) Here she is on the porch. I like how the paw is draped over the edge.


  1. Cheverly

    The cat is perfect for the house! I love the gold detail on the fireplace. The house looks wonderful.

  2. Debora

    Really coming together! I really like the grey added to the hearth, and thanks for the close up of the shimmed door. They look great :)

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