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Fairfield – the attic

I decided early on that the third floor of the Fairfield would be “renovated” from an attic into a family room space. I wanted them to have a TV room, an area for a computer, and maybe a ping pong table or aquarium… the kinds of “luxuries” you find in a lot of today’s houses […]

Fairfield – Popular Imports furniture

I got started in half inch scale because I received an Avon furniture set as a gift. I bought a few more sets off eBay but was disappointed to find they were not exactly in scale. Then I stumbled across a few auctions for Popular Imports furniture sets… and my wallet has been suffering ever […]

Fairfield – furniture

I started building the Fairfield after receiving a set of Avon Victorian Memories kitchen furniture as a gift (most of which I’m not actually using in the house!) Since this is my first half scale endeavor, I’m furnishing the Fairfield from scratch. I still have a lot of furniture to buy / make, but here […]

Fairfield – electricity

I did not intend to electrify the Fairfield. I figured with a house half the size of what I was used to, and for which it would be harder to find fixtures, it just wasn’t worth it. Then I saw someone else’s Fairfield lit up and changed my mind! I had already assembled most of […]

Fairfield – siding, windows, and doors

I’m nowhere near putting the windows and doors in this thing… but HBS had a 50% off sale on April 1st, and I used my coupon to buy the “upgrade kit” for the Fairfield. It includes 11 windows, 4 interior doors, and 1 exterior door (all Houseworks pieces). How they’ll look. The windows are thicker […]

Fairfield – assembling the shell

With the stairs done, I was ready to move on to Step 4. I was surprised to see that this step was assembling the shell! On the Orchid, assembling the shell didn’t come until much later in the project. I punched out many, many pieces, and got to work on sanding them. One piece split […]

Fairfield – stairs

One downside to having a house with an “interesting” shape (square and open on two sides, as opposed to rectangular and open on only one) is that it’s hard to visualize the layout. The pictures in the instructions only show certain angles. So, it took me a very long time to figure out where the […]

Fairfield – foundation & fireplaces

The first difference between the Fairfield and the Orchid: the directions are WAY more comprehensive. The Fairfield’s instructions are organized into about 20 chunks with {gasp} pictures to go along with them. The second difference is that this house is a lot more complicated. It has many, many, many pieces. And it’s a cube with […]

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