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Little Belle – copper roof

When I chatted with Jim Marcus about the Little Belle, he commented that it’s hard to paint a house like this because you have to be a really good painter to do justice to all the small details. He pointed out that when the house is all white, the shadows serve as a sort of […]

Cleaning up the Little Belle

First things first: someone who read about my Little Belle tipped me off to the one pictured at the right, which was sold in a silent auction in the Texas Showcase of Miniatures in 2012. (See here for details — I got the poster’s permission to repost the photo, though it’s been so long she […]

Two more Little Belle dollhouses uncovered

Since posting my blog about the Little Belle dollhouse by Jim Marcus and Lew Kummerow, I have tracked down two more online. The first is in the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis. This museum acquired it from a Dallas mini museum that closed a few years ago, and they didn’t know what it was […]

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