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Blackbird Bar interior (finally)

Now that the bar is electrified, I’m done adding tapewire to the roombox and can finally get moving on the roombox interior. (I originally intended to finish this project in December so I can get back to the Victorianna, which I’m hoping to finish in 2018. Oops.) I decided early on that the bar’s main… Keep reading »

Electrifying the bar

Before gluing in the bar shelves I built, I wanted to add lights. The bar needs to be removable from the roombox (it would be much too hard to add accessories if it were fixed in place), so this means the lights need to plug in to an outlet. And of course I didn’t want… Keep reading »

Assembling the cupola

With the 1:48 gazebo bashed beyond recognition and the spiral staircase finished, it’s time to assemble the Victorianna’s cupola. The first step was to glue crown molding around the top for the cupola to sit on. I used a scrap of wood as a spacer to ensure the base would be flush with the tops… Keep reading »

Christmas breadbox – finishing touches

Two days until Christmas! Gotta get this roombox finished, or it’ll be embarrassing. :o With the wallpaper and cabinets finished, I glued in the baseboards and crown molding. This hanging basket is another Hallmark ornament. I had one of these already but had removed the bottom basket to make it more in scale. Since the… Keep reading »

How not to electrify a Hallmark stove ornament (plus a way that works)

The Hallmark stove ornament I’m using in my Christmas breadbox roombox comes with a cord sticking out the back that you’re supposed to plug into a string of Christmas tree lights. I cut mine off long ago, but the very ends of the wires were still peeking out. When I started the breadbox project, I… Keep reading »

Christmas kitchen in a breadbox

For years, I’ve been holding on to these Hallmark ornaments without anywhere to put them. They’re about 1:12 scale but look way too small when you put them with 1:12 cabinets (especially the fridge). And I love the detail, but didn’t necessarily want Christmas stuff in one of my dollhouses year round. Then there’s the… Keep reading »

The domino effect

With the Gull Bay’s exterior finished, all that remains is interior trim. Since this house will be displayed fully closed up, the only view in is through the windows, so you really only get a glimpse. Because of this I considered not bothering with molding and baseboards but the house felt unfinished to me without… Keep reading »

Gull Bay plug-in lights

In a continuation of the easiest electricity ever, I added the ceiling lights to the downstairs rooms of the Gull Bay cottage. Normally with a ceiling light I would snip off the plug, drill a small hole in the ceiling, and run the wire to the floor above. But with the Gull Bay I wanted… Keep reading »

Easiest electricity ever

After my not so great experience(s) adding lights to the Queen Anne Rowhouse, I swore I’d never electrify another dollhouse again. But since the Gull Bay is enclosed on all four sides, it would be impossible to see inside through the windows without lights. Luckily it’s a smaller house, and the way it’s constructed made… Keep reading »

Etched windows and the brave little porch light

I have been working bit by bit on the rowhouse bathroom and plan to post a blog about it soon, but jumping ahead a bit, I wanted to show off the “etched” privacy window I made this weekend. The plexiglass in the bathroom window had a small scratch in it that I decided to cover… Keep reading »

A bathroom emergency (electrically speaking)

It may be the smallest room, but I left the Rowhouse’s bathroom for last. Partly because I had to get the stairs in first to pull the wire for the stairwell light through the bathroom wall, but also because I’m just not a fan of miniature bathrooms. My poor neglected Rosedale has two empty bathrooms… Keep reading »

Rowhouse – railings and a light in the stairwell

With the wallpaper, floors, and trim in the stair rooms finished, the time has come to finish the stairs. I started on the second floor, which is complicated by the fact that I wanted to hang a light down from the underside of the landing. I used a round file to make a groove in… Keep reading »

More rowhouse lights

I bought another light to fix the one with the broken wire. Since I’d already finished the floor above, I needed to come up with another way to hide the wire. I had an idea to glue the ceiling paper to a piece of thin cardboard, pull the wire up through the cardboard, and then… Keep reading »

Attic progress

About a month ago, I started working on wainscot and flooring in the rowhouse attic. I actually made good progress with it that very weekend, but then hit some unexpected snags that have only now been unraveled. Once again, electricity has proven to be my nemesis. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The stain I’m… Keep reading »

Cir-Kit half scale lights, and the sadness they caused me

Progress on the Queen Anne Rowhouse has been somewhat stymied by one disaster after another with the electricity. On October 3, I ordered eleven half scale lights from Swan House DIY for a cost of about $130. (They didn’t show up until Halloween, but that’s a story for another time.) Of these, four were Houseworks… Keep reading »

Lights that work

Electrifying a dollhouse is one of my most dreaded activities, and I’m not sure why. It’s not really that difficult, and it’s not messy, and nothing beats the satisfaction of flipping a switch and seeing the lights go on. Of course, if you flip the switch and the lights don’t go on, that’s when it… Keep reading »

Fairfield – electricity

I did not intend to electrify the Fairfield. I figured with a house half the size of what I was used to, and for which it would be harder to find fixtures, it just wasn’t worth it. Then I saw someone else’s Fairfield lit up and changed my mind! I had already assembled most of… Keep reading »

McKinley – adding lights

The next step after taking down the wallpaper was to wire the house for electricity. In the Orchid, I put tapewire on the floors above where I wanted lights, and attached the wires through tiny holes. This worked well so I decided to do the same in the McKinley. Since the back of this house… Keep reading »

Orchid – July update

My orders from and HBS arrived. I ordered some furniture, as well as the lights. So, the time had come to tackle the electricity. I’m glad Geoff was there… he knew exactly what he was doing! Looks simple, huh? Near the stair hole, it’s attached to the piece of tapewire that’s running under the… Keep reading »

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