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Christmas lights, like crazy

This is a house around the corner from ours. These people take Christmas lights to a crazy extreme. The past few weeks, whenever I’m driving home in the dark, I’m so dazzled by these lights I almost miss the turn. A crazy and very festive show of holiday spirit.

Here it is from a few other angles:

Geoff did his best taking these pictures without a tripod. For the top one he was able to balance the camera on a fence. For the bottom two, he had to set it down on the sidewalk, which was slightly comical when a dog ran out from a neighboring house and started sniffing him. The dog was sweet and very friendly, but still. Merry Christmas.

There’s another house down the street with lights that are almost as crazy, but it was cold out and we didn’t feel like walking that far. Take my word for it. I never saw displays like this when we were living in San Francisco. Now that we’re in the suburbs… well, I guess that’s how they do Christmas around here. Ho ho ho, and all that.

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  1. I love Christmas lights, but the tree in the last picture kind of looks like it’s on fire …

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