Stained glass window for the Seaside Villa

As I mentioned when I made the half height windows for the back of the Seaside Villa, I bought a laser cut mullion to go in the bathroom window. The front of the house has a nice stained glass door that I bought off eBay and I thought it would be nice to make this a complementary stained glass window.

The design of the window mullion reminds me of waves (but maybe it’s supposed to be a plant? I really don’t know). I started by “painting” both sides of the wood black with a Sharpie.

I used dabs of super glue around the edges to attach the acrylic to the mullion.

The glue shows through the plastic, but those dots are hidden by the window frame.

Next I added the Gallery Glass. The mullion is deeper than lead lines would be and I had to use a lot of paint to fill up the spaces. I used two shades of blue for the waves, purple for the tendrils coming off the waves, and white for the curved undersides of the waves (I hoped they would look like the froth in the ocean). I wasn’t sure what to do with the diamond pattern so I used Crystal Clear there (it looks white until it dries).

Here’s how it looked after the first coat of paint dried. The white “froth” doesn’t have the desired effect, and I don’t like the clear diamonds. On to round two.

I covered up the white with purple, and the clear with aqua. I also redid the blues because the color seemed a little thin.

And here it is after the second coat dried. The aqua didn’t seem dark enough so I did another coat of that after taking this picture.

Between coats of Gallery Glass, I put siding on the back of the house. I started by filling in the window holes with balsa so they’re the right size for the cut-down windows.

Then I added the siding, leaving a gap under the door for the stairs.

I’m planning to glue these windows in backwards, with the trim on the inside, so I can use routed trim on the exterior to match the other windows. But for now, here they are right side out.

What do you think, does this look like water?

I’ve also started painting the front of the house. Here’s how it looks so far. The paint color is Glidden Belgian Waffle.

I dunno… I’m not loving it. The bright white trim seems too bright. I really don’t want to repaint all the windows — the glass isn’t removable, and I really hate painting windows! — but I feel like there’s too much contrast between the house color and the trim color. I also don’t like how the stained glass panel looks with the bright white door.

My puzzle house is also painted with Belgian Waffle, but the trim wasn’t so bright, and that house came out looking more peach while the Seaside looks more orange. (That could be a function of the light, though. Or my imagination.)

As much as I hate the idea of repainting now that I’ve already put a few hours into this, I’m thinking about going back to my original idea of blue/gray. Maybe a very light shade of gray.

What do you think, dear readers? Am I being too critical?


  1. Cindy

    I think the yellow looks too much like plywood, in fact, I thought it was unpainted at first glance. I think the gray with white trim would be very beachy!!

  2. Sandra

    I agree with you; the Belgian Waffle colour is too neutral…almost like the unpainted wood….. a weathered blue -gray would look lovely, I think. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  3. Diane

    I love how the window came out. I also like the idea of gray – you really can’t go wrong with gray.

  4. ann

    Ditto all or copy all. While I live thousands of miles from the beach, blue and gray seen more sea worthy. When we traveled through Michigan along the shores of the Great Lake, the beautiful Victorian house were white, blue, shades of green, even yellow with white trim. I know. Painting is such a pain. Now, though, is the time to do it.

  5. Elizabeth

    I have to agree with all of the others that the Waffle colour appears to be too bland, for such an imposing house. A grey or blue-grey will enhance your stained glass windows and will immediately reference the sea.

  6. Marijke

    Great stain glass window real nice sea blues…
    The color of the house is good but is it not to nice may you can older it so it not so new lol!
    Have a nice day,

  7. Sheila

    I think the weathered grey would look lovely with white.

    And I love your stained glass.

  8. Jackie

    I love the window, I definitely think it looks like water/waves! As for the house color, I agree with most of the other commenters. I think it looks too neutral. It took me a minute to even see that it had been painted. I also vote for a weathered grey or grey-blue, and I think that would make both stained glass windows pop!

  9. Anna

    Hi Emily – The little window is fantastic and yes, it does look like waves.
    Screen colour aside, I do agree that the Belgian Waffle doesn’t really do it for your house, but I am not sure about blue-grey either. Have you considered white on white? Perhaps a slightly ‘broken’ white for the walls – like this beauty in Stockholm: https://www.grandtripsweden.com/images/30/house.jpg
    I look forward to see where this goes.
    Anna x

  10. Emily

    Thanks for all the feedback! I’m leaning toward light gray… but I did also think about white on white, and that picture Anna posted has me thinking maybe I should do it like that, with a green roof? I’m just not sure how that would look with the stained glass door which is more blue. Or I could do white on white with a blue/gray roof. Hmm…

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