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Ducks and more ducks

Every year like clockwork, ducks show up in my swimming pool. They hang out for about six weeks, hatch a gaggle of babies, and then waddle off into the sunset–with a little help, because once baby ducks get in the pool they can’t get out again. This year, it happened twice: one pair of ducks… Keep reading »

The Great Mallard Caper

Every year, a mother duck takes up residence in the ivy in our backyard, using the swimming pool as her own personal pond. (Dad pays the occasional visit… they may be monogamous, but sharing a nest is out.) Rosy goes nuts whenever she sees them, and after about six weeks a gaggle of ducklings hatch… Keep reading »

Dog vs. Duck

This happens several times a day, every day. Awesome.

Make Way for Ducklings: The Sequel

Last spring Geoff and I had the pleasure of sharing our yard with a couple of uninvited guests. They were a pair of mallards who enjoyed paddling around our pool (which meant lots of duck poop to clean up) and who made a nest in the ivy, very close to the edge of the retaining… Keep reading »

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