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Lights that work

Electrifying a dollhouse is one of my most dreaded activities, and I’m not sure why. It’s not really that difficult, and it’s not messy, and nothing beats the satisfaction of flipping a switch and seeing the lights go on. Of course, if you flip the switch and the lights don’t go on, that’s when it… Keep reading »

Fairfield – electricity

I did not intend to electrify the Fairfield. I figured with a house half the size of what I was used to, and for which it would be harder to find fixtures, it just wasn’t worth it. Then I saw someone else’s Fairfield lit up and changed my mind! I had already assembled most of… Keep reading »

McKinley – adding lights

The next step after taking down the wallpaper was to wire the house for electricity. In the Orchid, I put tapewire on the floors above where I wanted lights, and attached the wires through tiny holes. This worked well so I decided to do the same in the McKinley. Since the back of this house… Keep reading »

Orchid – July update

My orders from and HBS arrived. I ordered some furniture, as well as the lights. So, the time had come to tackle the electricity. I’m glad Geoff was there… he knew exactly what he was doing! Looks simple, huh? Near the stair hole, it’s attached to the piece of tapewire that’s running under the… Keep reading »

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