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Things I found while packing

So, I moved. From start to finish, it happened pretty fast, but it didn’t feel that way when we were carting carloads of stuff from the old house to the new house — including 20+ dollhouses! Here’s Rosy, a bit out of sorts, sharing the back seat of my car with several dollhouses during the… Keep reading »

Freelance Police office – wainscot and moving the rat hole

I haven’t been able to work on Sam & Max’s office (or anything) for most of July because Geoff was putting finishing touches on my new workshop, which is now 99% finished! It’s a little bigger than my old workshop, with a level floor and real walls and a heater and a longer desk and… Keep reading »

New workshop complete

With the walls up, it was time to figure out how to furnish and organize the new dollhouse workshop in a way that 1) wouldn’t require spending a ton of money on new furniture, and 2) won’t drive me crazy when I’m trying to work in it. My old workshop wasn’t huge and I acquired… Keep reading »

New dollhouse workshop in progress

Since moving back to San Francisco in October, it’s been hard to get back to work on mini projects. All my dollhouse stuff is in plastic bins in the garage, some stacked up so they’re hard to reach, and I can never find what I need. The dollhouses are all over the place and none… Keep reading »

My mini workshop

In January 2009, Geoff and I moved into a new house that has a basement room perfect for a dollhouse workshop. In fact, the very first time we saw the house, I was envisioning my minis in there! It was a bit of a mess for the first several months after we moved in, but… Keep reading »

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