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Yes Rosy, there is a Santa Claus!

Lucky Rosy, she got to open a few presents on Christmas Eve. The stylish coat was made for her by my mom. Even accessorized with a Christmas bow, it’s much more dignified than the elf suit. So far, the Frosty squeaky toy is her favorite… even more than the wrapping! Little does she know, Santa […]

Santa’s Little Helper

I’ve been told that Rosy looks like Santa’s Little Helper from the Simpsons. In light of this, the elf costume was more or less a necessity. (The portrait with Santa, on the other hand, was pure indulgence.) As far as we’re concerned, this will be Rosy’s first real Christmas. Last year she was at the […]

Bobbing for bones

Today I took Rosy to the Marin Humane Society’s first ever Howl-o-Ween party for small dogs. She was one of about 12 little dogs, all decked out in costumes, to learn tricks and play on the agility equipment and, of course, eat lots of treats. There were people walking around with cameras and pictures will […]

Dog on the top step

We’re getting a lot less sun through the windows than we were over the summer (that’s what happens when you live on a shady hill!), and Rosy has taken to hanging out on the top step for the twenty or so minutes that the sun shines on it in the morning. Very cute.

Little dog, big beach*

As promised (two weeks ago), here are some pictures of Rosy’s vacation at Irish Beach. Geoff and I were there too, but she had the most fun out of all of us. Exploring the beach on her 30-foot long lead. We also used this opportunity to practice coming when called, and she did surprisingly well. […]

The crazy dance

Rosy does this thing Geoff and I call “the crazy dance.” It usually happens on a big patch of grass—more often than not, one of the nicely manicured lawns that we pass on our walk. It starts all of a sudden. She could be sniffing or just walking along, when BOOM! She runs one way! […]

No chicken choking allowed!

(Can’t wait to see what sort of dirty Google searches I get with this headline…) I’m still planning to post adorable pictures of Rosy playing in the sand, but in the meantime, here are two signs we encountered while walking around Irish Beach. The first was posted near the Point Arena pier—ironically, not too far […]

I didn’t do it!

Oh no? So how did that lone shoe end up on your towel? And how did all that stuffing end up on the floor? And how do you manage to be so cute, even when you’re up to no good?

D’oh, a deer!

Last week Geoff spotted this little guy huddled on the other side of our fence. Its eyes and nose looked kind of mucusy, which made us wonder if it was newly born. The mom wasn’t anywhere around, but when we looked again a few hours later, the fawn was gone, so presumably she came back […]

Playing with paper

The best part about getting a package: the paper stuffed inside the box! (If you’re an Italian Greyhuahua, anyway.) And here’s one more, just to prove that she’s not always a crazy paper-eating fiend…

Italian Greyhuahua at the beach

Recently someone found my blog via a Google search for “chihuahua Italian greyhound mix dogs.” I thought that was strange because up until now, I’ve assumed that Rosy was the result of a forbidden rendezvous between an unlikely pair of star-crossed lovers who hopped over a fence—or climbed under one, as the case may be. […]

The cost of dog ownership

Before getting Rosy, I wondered how much it cost to get a dog. Well, now I know. In our first month of dog ownership, we have spent $850.23. Wow, you must be thinking. You must really be spoiling your dog. Actually, not so much. Of course a lot of this expense is made up of […]

Sunbathing with a bone

Am I going to turn into one of those people who shows off pictures of her dog at every opportunity? Yes, it would appear that I am. It’s rained almost constantly since we brought Rosy home, but yesterday during a few rare hours of sunlight, we brought her outside for a warm nap. This dog […]

More Rosy pics

Haven’t felt much like blogging lately. I blame it on having a furry friend to play with. Here are a few new pictures. I figured out how to make the demon eyes go away in Photoshop, thanks to this tutorial…

Introducing Rosy

I’ve wanted a dog for a really, really long time. And now that I work from home, I’m able to have one. Ignore her funky left eye. Apparently Photoshop’s red eye reduction doesn’t work on dogs. Her name is Rosy, and we think she’s a Chihuahua / Italian Greyhound mix. She’s about a year old, […]

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