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Half scale bi-fold closet door

My obsession with dollhouse closets has intensified as I’ve started working on the Victorianna’s third floor. The slanted ceilings create weird little spaces no good for furniture but perfect for closets. For a long time I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a small closet next to the tower room. I bought these out-of-production… Keep reading »

Master bedroom floor and railing

Continuing the Victorianna roof project, I cut holes for the second pair of skylights in the small slanted section of the roof. Then Geoff cut me a flat roof piece from from a scrap of 1/4″ plywood left over from a house project. I messed up the measurements the first time so he had to… Keep reading »

Victorianna – rough chimney and skylights

Gorgeous weather today, and Rosy was very happy to lie in the dirt while I worked on the Victorianna. Having assembled the towers, I moved on to the small peaked roof. Normally the Victorianna’s top floor has two triangular sections, with the roof dipping down to floor level in between them. I added a piece… Keep reading »

Victorianna exterior progress

I’ve been working on the Victorianna’s upstairs bay windows exteriors so I can finish the upstairs porch. This is the same process I did with the downstairs bays, and I finished those in one weekend, but work on the upstairs bays has been dragging out for months. Maybe it’s not as exciting now that I’ve… Keep reading »

Brackets from JMG Miniatures

I haven’t done anything with the Victorianna since October when I worked on the porch. I wasn’t happy with the sunburst brackets, especially at the short ends. I thought it might look better to use brackets that curve inward, so they form an arch when they’re so close together. Right around this time I placed… Keep reading »

Victorianna porch trim

At long last, the Victorianna’s porch is becoming real. (To see how we got to this point, check out my posts about the porch modifications, porch progress, and bay window exteriors.) I modified the porch to have a flat roof rather than a slanted one. In theory, this would have slipped neatly into a slot… Keep reading »

Victorianna living room (a.k.a. “perfectionism in motion”)

I am working on the Victorianna’s porch and will post about that next, but before gluing in the porch I needed to glue in the front door, and I took this as an opportunity to finish up some stuff in the living room. Here’s what I started out with: Behind the smaller couch, there’s a… Keep reading »

Victorianna – frilling up the exterior bays

“Frilling” might not be the right word (or a word at all), but after I completed the Victorianna’s downstairs bay windows I felt like they were a little too plain. I wanted to spruce them up a bit before adding the porch trim, which will make them harder to reach. Here’s what I started with.… Keep reading »

Victorianna – bay window exterior

I think die cut dollhouses look best when the plywood is covered up. It takes a lot of sanding and prep work to give luan plywood a nice finish, and I’ve never managed to completely hide slots/tabs no matter how much wood filler I use. My back to back Victorianna is half birch plywood, which… Keep reading »

Half scale suede sofa tutorial

My Victorianna has a deep living room in need of a couple of modern couches, but the pickings are slim in half scale… so I made my own! These are made with wood and suede scrapbook paper that looks just like the suede/microfiber that’s so popular on couches lately. They’re kind of time intensive, with… Keep reading »

Victorianna – little girl’s room #1 complete

The Victorianna’s been on hold until I could make a Dollhouses Trains and More run to get all the trim needed for the exterior bay windows. (I was spoiled when I lived five minutes away from that place!) I made that trip over the weekend, so progress will be coming soon. First, though, I finished… Keep reading »

Bead bottles and Victorianna bathroom fix

Something tragic happened in the Victorianna. At some point after we moved to San Francisco last fall the bathroom floor I loved so much got totally bleached out. My new workshop didn’t exist yet and the sun must have been shining through the garage window onto the house. I didn’t notice until it was too… Keep reading »

Victorianna porch progress

I’m at a point with the Victorianna where I’m doing a lot of work with little noticeable progress. Case in point: a month after my last post about the porch, I’m still puttering around with it. First of all, the siding is all on. This house was so easy to side compared to ones that… Keep reading »

Victorianna pediment do-over

Sometimes breaking something makes it better. I learn this lesson over and over, working on dollhouses. One short day after posting about the front door pediment I made for the Victorianna, I destroyed it. I was checking to see how it fit into the hole I cut into the siding, and pressed on the center… Keep reading »

Victorianna porch modifications

I’ve been doing small stuff on the Victorianna that hasn’t really been blog-worthy, including a lot of thinking and looking at pictures to figure out how I want to handle the porch. Like with everything else in this house, I’m not following the directions. CatColorado’s Victorianna gallery on the Greenleaf forum has some good pictures… Keep reading »

Miniature mobile for a little girl’s room (half scale tutorial)

I just finished the bay window trim in the Victorianna’s little girl’s room, realizing too late that the header is crooked (it’s higher on the left than on the right). I thought hanging something from the ceiling near the right side of the header might distract from the crookedness. I looked online for miniature mobiles… Keep reading »

Victorianna – bay window trim

Usually with a die-cut house, if I’m using the windows that came with the kit I’ll apply wood filler to the inside edges of the window to smooth them out. I do this once the trim (either interior or exterior) is glued in and then carefully repaint, to give the edges plus trim a nice… Keep reading »

Victorianna – starting the bay windows

With my new workshop complete, I can get back to work on the Victorianna. (Yay!) This house (and all the others) got packed up in September for my move to San Francisco, so it’s been a while. When I left off I was working on the upstairs bedrooms. I want to finish the little girl’s… Keep reading »

Victorianna — little girl’s room #2 and adding the third floor

With the clothes neatly put away in the closet, it’s time to finish the second girl’s room, starting with finishing the closet. I bought these 1:24 plastic crates from Shapeways and painted them pretty colors. I thought about putting something in them, but once they’re in place you can’t really tell they’re empty, so I… Keep reading »

Half scale sleigh bed from a kit

The sleigh bed I made for the Victorianna’s little girl’s room is a kit I bought off eBay, and the instructions didn’t come with it. I went online looking for pictures and ended up on Karen Benson’s website. One piece from my kit is stamped HCC which I think stands for “Heritage House Collection.” I… Keep reading »

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