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Late additions to the Christmas Breadbox

I didn’t get these done in time for Christmas, but I cross stitched three designs from Prairie Schooler’s Folk Art Christmas to go in my breadbox roombox. Here are the stitched designs. They’re stitched over-one on 36 count linen, for finished sizes of approx. 1-5/16 by 1-7/8. I started with the horizontal one, planning to… Keep reading »

Flea market find: Garden of Delights

Here’s the second little house I got at the miniature flea market in August (the first being the House of Hidden Treasures kit from American Craft). This one’s named Garden of Delights. This was a NAME national convention souvenir in 1996. I recognized it because I’d seen one on eBay fairly recently, and I assumed… Keep reading »

Breadbox redux — finishing the lid

After my first post about the breadbox roombox I kinda stopped talking about the broken lid. Surely all of my readers are dying to know what happened to it, so here you go! When we last saw the roombox lid, it was sitting snugly in a gluing jig. The corners weren’t quite right and Geoff… Keep reading »

Christmas breadbox – finishing touches

Two days until Christmas! Gotta get this roombox finished, or it’ll be embarrassing. :o With the wallpaper and cabinets finished, I glued in the baseboards and crown molding. This hanging basket is another Hallmark ornament. I had one of these already but had removed the bottom basket to make it more in scale. Since the… Keep reading »

Christmas breadbox – finishing the cabinets

Less than a week until Christmas — time to finish those kitchen cabinets! I made a countertop from two pieces of basswood. I used a utility knife to cut a rough hole for the sink. Then I enlarged this carefully until it was just larger than the sink. A tad too large, actually, but once… Keep reading »

Christmas breadbox – floor & walls

The ink cartridge I was waiting for finally came in the mail, so I was able to move forward on the breadbox interior. The first step was staining the floor. This is a Houseworks flooring sheets that I got in a Freecycle haul this summer. I stained it with Minwax English Oak. When the stain… Keep reading »

How not to electrify a Hallmark stove ornament (plus a way that works)

The Hallmark stove ornament I’m using in my Christmas breadbox roombox comes with a cord sticking out the back that you’re supposed to plug into a string of Christmas tree lights. I cut mine off long ago, but the very ends of the wires were still peeking out. When I started the breadbox project, I… Keep reading »

Christmas breadbox progress

Momentum on the Christmas breadbox hasn’t been quite as swift as I’d hoped… first I was waiting for a order to arrive, and now am waiting for a new ink cartridge for the color printer. (Way cheaper to buy it online than locally, but no instant gratification!) At least I managed to make a… Keep reading »

Christmas breadbox – kitchen cabinets and farmhouse sink

Because the Hallmark ornaments I’m using in my breadbox roombox have funky dimensions, I’m scratch building cabinets to go with them. This was my first time trying this, but how hard could it be? I started with the cabinet next to the fridge; we’ll go around the corner with a cabinet next to the stove… Keep reading »

Christmas kitchen in a breadbox

For years, I’ve been holding on to these Hallmark ornaments without anywhere to put them. They’re about 1:12 scale but look way too small when you put them with 1:12 cabinets (especially the fridge). And I love the detail, but didn’t necessarily want Christmas stuff in one of my dollhouses year round. Then there’s the… Keep reading »

Twilight porch vignette in half scale

I recently added email alerts to the blog. If you want to get a brief, non-spammy email when I post a new blog, please sign up on the right sidebar. Years ago, I started a half scale porch vignette and never finished it. In the interest of finishing up some smaller projects before I dig… Keep reading »

Half scale book roombox (part 2)

With the book roombox’s wainscot finished, I moved to the upstairs. I didn’t like the clunkiness of the piece of wood anchoring the top of the staircase, so I used fan pieces to make a decorative cover for it. Sprayed this with semi-gloss black to match the stairs. Geoff wasn’t around so I did it… Keep reading »

Half scale book roombox (part 1)

I’ve been working on a half scale roombox made from an embossed book box I got at Pier 1. I’ve seen boxes like this at Michaels before but they always seemed kind of chintsy. These are really nice, though, with heavy leather covers and leather-lined insides. I got both colors — the black one is… Keep reading »

Half scale spiral staircase made from a wooden fan

I recently bought two embossed box boxes from Pier 1 with the plan to make them into half scale roomboxes. The black one has about 9 1/4″ of vertical space inside — big enough to break into two stories in half scale. I had been wanting to try making a spiral staircase out of a… Keep reading »

Mission furniture kits for the Cypress and Fog roombox

My Cypress and Fog roombox has been sitting, partially furnished, for a long time. This week I built some Mission furniture kits that I’ve accumulated for this house. The sideboard is a Daisy House kit, and it’s not quite Mission style, but close enough. I guess I could have added spindles to the sides to… Keep reading »

Infinite possibilities, indeed!

I’ve been limping along on the Infinite Possibilities Porch… mostly because the color choices are driving me crazy. I initially wanted a periwinkle blue house with some kind of peachy trim and a reddish door. Glidden’s color coding led me to believe that all of these colors would work well together. But alas, it was… Keep reading »

Infinite Possibilities Porch in half scale

Yep, that’s really what this kit is called. I’m not sure a porch can truly have infinite possibilities, especially when it’s made out of MDF, which as I’m discovering is infinitely (heh) more difficult to bash than a plywood kit. But I’m getting ahead of myself…’s photo of the finished project. I had a… Keep reading »

Cypress and Fog: finished, gorgeous

Over the past few days I finished the last things that needed to be done on the Cypress and Fog roombox. The first step was to get in the tree panels and shoji screens at the top, followed by some remaining trim. Then it was time to stain the box. The exterior of the Oak… Keep reading »

The Guys from Texas workshop: Cypress and Fog

The Good Sam miniature show is this weekend, and for the past two days I’ve been down in Morgan Hill attending one of their featured workshops, the Cypress and Fog roombox. This is my second time taking a class taught by The Guys from Texas; the first was Oak Shadow back in 2006. This workshop… Keep reading »

Oak Shadow Roombox

In February 2006 I took a two day Guys from Texas class at a local dollhouse store. It was my first experience taking a class and I had a great time, particularly because the roombox was pretty much finished when I brought it home. This is largely due to all the prep work the “Guys,”… Keep reading »

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