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Half scale glass-top table with 3D printed chairs

I’m outfitting my Queen Anne Rowhouse with a lot of formal / traditional furniture, but the kitchen is decidedly modern. I bought a set of 3D printed Dog Bone Chairs from Pretty Small Things and wanted a glass-topped table to go with them. Unable to find anything like what I was picturing, I made my… Keep reading »

3D printed furniture in half scale, from Pretty Small Things and Shapeways

As 3D printing is becoming more common, I’m tempted to buy a 3D printer for use in minis, but the technology is too new (and too over my head) for me to feel comfortable being a guinea pig early adopter. I recently bought some 1:24 scale 3D printed furniture from Pretty Small Things and Shapeways,… Keep reading »

Rowhouse – finishing the hinged panels (stair side)

Back in November when my dad and I attached the hinged panels to the Rowhouse, the panel on the stair side wasn’t closing all the way so we decided to add a magnet to help keep it closed. My dad used a special drill bit to drill a hole in the back side of the… Keep reading »

Rowhouse – finishing the hinged panels (chimney side)

I’ve been working on the Queen Anne Rowhouse but have gotten behind in blogging about it. With the exception of the shingles, most of the major projects on this house are done. In December I finished the hinged panels. Here are pics of the chimney side; I’ll post about the stair side next. When I… Keep reading »

Everything but the kitchen sink

The rowhouse kitchen has been mostly done for a couple of months. Today it’s *almost* mostly done — all that’s left is the sink! (As a reminder, this kitchen is a bashed SDK Miniatures modern kitchen kit. My earlier kitchen posts are here, here, here, and here.) My recent progress started with gluing in the… Keep reading »

Etched windows and the brave little porch light

I have been working bit by bit on the rowhouse bathroom and plan to post a blog about it soon, but jumping ahead a bit, I wanted to show off the “etched” privacy window I made this weekend. The plexiglass in the bathroom window had a small scratch in it that I decided to cover… Keep reading »

Cassidy Creations washstand and fire screen

Since half scale furniture can be hard to come by, I’ve been collecting a lot of Cassidy Creations kits, mostly off eBay. I’m planning to build a bunch of them to go in the almost finished Queen Anne Rowhouse, but these first two might end up in other houses. The first is a washstand that… Keep reading »

The trouble with hinges

The Queen Anne Rowhouse is my first dollhouse with hinged panels, and all along I’ve been fretting about how to handle them. When I got the house it had shiny brass hinges that were very obvious and the screws didn’t all match, which I hated. I bought some antiqued brass hinges to replace them with… Keep reading »

Rowhouse bits and pieces

The Queen Anne rowhouse is very close to finished, and we’ve entered what I think of as the “bits and pieces” phase—there’s lots of fiddly trim work left to do, and I tend to be lazy about doing it. (The Rosedale has been languishing in this state for two years!) All summer, I was putting… Keep reading »

A bathroom emergency (electrically speaking)

It may be the smallest room, but I left the Rowhouse’s bathroom for last. Partly because I had to get the stairs in first to pull the wire for the stairwell light through the bathroom wall, but also because I’m just not a fan of miniature bathrooms. My poor neglected Rosedale has two empty bathrooms… Keep reading »

Rowhouse kitchen countertop

As part of my bash of SDK Miniatures’ modern kitchen kit I decided not to use the countertop backsplash that came with the kit and instead go with a more modern-looking tile backsplash on the wall. (I watch a lot of House Hunters… all the nice kitchens have tile backsplashes now!) The backsplash is made… Keep reading »

Rowhouse kitchen: a backsplash and an island

After finishing the fireplaces, it was bugging me that you could see the transition between the two types of wallpaper where the diagonal wall met the back wall. I fixed this today by adding a thin piece of basswood to the corner where the two walls meet. From the front (which you can only see… Keep reading »

Rowhouse corner fireplaces

Because I’m planning to put the chimney along the seam where the right side panel opens, I decided to put fireplaces in the corner of the rowhouse’s bay window rooms. This has the added benefit of hiding the mess of wires that are running down in these corners to the tapewire on the underside of… Keep reading »

Rowhouse kitchen continued

Back to the rowhouse kitchen! I’m bashing a modern kitchen kit from SDK Miniatures. The instructions for the upper cabinets were a little confusing (or maybe I didn’t read them carefully). The two sets of shelves and the wine rack need to be glued to the front piece before the front/back/sides are glued together, otherwise… Keep reading »

Rowhouse kitchen from a kit

When I first started working on the rowhouse last fall, I bought a modern kitchen kit from SDK Miniatures with the plan of bashing it a bit. Here were my early ideas. I started working on the kit today. The cabinets are made from wooden boxes with trim pieces laid on the fronts to give… Keep reading »

Rowhouse – railings and a light in the stairwell

With the wallpaper, floors, and trim in the stair rooms finished, the time has come to finish the stairs. I started on the second floor, which is complicated by the fact that I wanted to hang a light down from the underside of the landing. I used a round file to make a groove in… Keep reading »

Rowhouse – front of house done!

The two doors I bashed together for the rowhouse are the white and stained versions of the Newport door from Majestic Mansions. Though both pictures on their website show the sunburst with the lines cut out (so the color of the surface behind them shows through), only my white door came this way. On the… Keep reading »

A very complicated door

One of the first components I splurged on for this house was a Bespaq Newport double door for a whopping $34. Not entirely sure what my color scheme would be, I got the white one, thinking I could paint it. But then I realized the door wouldn’t easily come apart — unlike a Houseworks door,… Keep reading »

Queen Anne Rowhouse – prettying up the hallways

Okay, they’re not hallways exactly, but the Queen Anne Rowhouse has two rooms that are dominated by stairs. If I’d built this house myself I would have left out the wall between the “stair room” and the “bay window room” on one or both floors. But it came with walls snugly in, so I decided… Keep reading »

Bay window rooms continued

Moving right along with the rowhouse living room and office. Here’s the French door downstairs. For the headers, I haven’t been too careful about making sure they’re consistently wide. This one’s almost too short… I glued the door in before I cut it, so just had to wing it. In retrospect I probably should have… Keep reading »

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