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Built-in linen closet and jewelry finding fixtures

Continuing with the Victorianna bathroom: I made a false wall to enclose the tub, so it can be a tub/shower combo. I glued some basswood scraps together to make it the right width. My initial thought had been to add a second layer of basswood with a recessed shelf for shampoo etc, but I realized… Keep reading »

Scratch-built bathroom vanity in half scale

Feeling like the 3D printed sink I bought for the Victorianna is too small, I decided to build a vanity instead. This was one of those projects where I did no advance planning and made it up as I went along. I started by building a cabinet out of scrap wood. The front and back… Keep reading »

No mess hardwood floors made from wood veneer

I’m almost done with the Victorianna stairs (the first floor, anyway) but here’s a quick post in the meantime. Besides finishing the stairs, another task that needs to get done on the Victorianna before I can move forward with assembly is laying down the hardwood floors in areas that will be inaccessible once the back… Keep reading »

Making half scale louvered closet doors

I’ve been messing around with my Victorianna dry fit to figure out where holes need to be cut before I start gluing anything. While doing this I discovered that the Victorianna is twice as deep as its 1:12 cousin, the McKinley. (Actually, it’s roughly the same depth, but since the Victorianna is half scale, the… Keep reading »

Half scale Victorian bed how-to

I recently bought a Victorian bedroom set for my half scale Queen Anne Rowhouse. I really liked how the ornate bed looked with the damask wallpaper and wood trim in the room, but the only good place to put the bed is up against the window, which then gets blocked by the tall headboard. I… Keep reading »

Half scale spiral staircase made from a wooden fan

I recently bought two embossed box boxes from Pier 1 with the plan to make them into half scale roomboxes. The black one has about 9 1/4″ of vertical space inside — big enough to break into two stories in half scale. I had been wanting to try making a spiral staircase out of a… Keep reading »

Everybody must get stoned!

(Not that kind of stoned. If a Google search brought you here, my apologies.) When I made the front steps for the Gull Bay, I impulsively made the stairs brick and painted the treads the color of the house, thinking “there must be stairs like this in real life, right?” I should have done some… Keep reading »

Half scale glass-top table with 3D printed chairs

I’m outfitting my Queen Anne Rowhouse with a lot of formal / traditional furniture, but the kitchen is decidedly modern. I bought a set of 3D printed Dog Bone Chairs from Pretty Small Things and wanted a glass-topped table to go with them. Unable to find anything like what I was picturing, I made my… Keep reading »

Half scale kitchen canisters tutorial

For the second year in a row I participated in the Half Scale Yahoo Group swap. Last year the theme was “treasures in the attic” and I made record albums. This year the voting was very close between “shabby chic” and “kitchens” and since I have several kitchens that need to be filled up, that… Keep reading »

Handmade pot rack and kitchen island in half scale

After finishing up the Rosedale kitchen, I felt like it was missing something. The space is fairly compact but I thought I could get away with a small island up against the room divider, with a hanging pot rack above it. I looked online for half scale pot racks and could only find very pricey… Keep reading »

Half scale swap goodies and record album how-to

I just participated in my first mini swap, which combines the fun of getting chain letters in the mail (remember those?) with the fun of scoring a bunch of free minis. The swap was done by the Yahoo Half Scale group and there were 46(!) participants, meaning we each had to provide 46 of an… Keep reading »

Fireplace painting tutorial

After painting my Fairfield’s fireplaces, I decided they should both be the same blue color rather than one blue and one green, so I went to the dollhouse store to pick up another blank one. I wasn’t positive that the ones in the store were exactly the same as the ones I had, so I… Keep reading »

Half-scale how-to: IKEA-inspired sofa and chair

I wanted a corner couch for my Rosedale’s second floor TV room, and unable to find any modern sectionals in half scale, I decided to make my own. IKEA furniture tends to have clean, straight lines—perfect for miniaturists like me, who don’t have the tools or the patience to get too fancy—so I checked out… Keep reading »

Half scale window box project in American Miniaturist issue 88

My copy just arrived, so start checking your local mini store for this issue! I wrote a tutorial for the half scale window boxes my mom and I dreamed up for the Fairfield. The window boxes are made from skinny sticks, clay, and sprigs of fake flowers that you can get for cheap at stores… Keep reading »

McKinley – mosaic table

I had been intending to buy some kind of pedestal table for the McKinley’s kitchen, but recently came up with an idea to make my own. I paid a few dollars at Goodwill for a butterfly windchime from Pier 1 (still in the box). It had a round, flat glass top and seven glass butterflies… Keep reading »

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