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MacGuffin’s Curse preview at Adventure Gamers

At GDC I got to chat with Andrew Goulding and Ben Kosmina of Brawsome about the Australian studio’s second endeavor, MacGuffin’s Curse. It’s less of a traditional adventure than last year’s Jolly Rover but still looks to be a lot of fun. Think Professor Layton, but with Legend of Zelda style puzzles. Better yet, go… Keep reading »

Putty Squad Behind the Scenes in GamesTM 107

Hot on the heels of last month’s Gabriel Knight feature, I have another article in the latest issue of GamesTM. This one is a behind-the-scenes look at Putty Squad, an Amiga platformer that was almost released in 1994, then shelved at the last minute—but not before a whole bunch of Amiga magazines got their hands… Keep reading »

Red Johnson’s Chronicles previewed at Adventure Gamers

The first of my GDC previews has been posted at Adventure Gamers. Red Johnson’s Chronicles is a crime game from Lexis Numérique, the French studio previously known for some odd adventures including Missing: Since January and The Experiment. The gameplay in Red Johnson’s Chronicles is a lot more traditional than in those two games, and… Keep reading »

Gabriel Knight behind-the-scenes in GamesTM issue 106

I should have posted about this GamesTM article weeks ago when the issue went on sale, but I wanted to wait until I’d seen the magazine, and then GDC ate my brain (metaphorically), and then I figured that since the mag had been mailed in mid-February it *had* to show up this week… and it… Keep reading »

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout review

Adventure Gamers has posted my review of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, an quirky little game from German developer Daedalic. Actually, there’s nothing “little” about it… this is a long game with a ton of gratuitous interactivity crammed into it. But it’s a cartoon with a wacky art style, and you play a mental patient… Keep reading »

Quest for Glory behind the scenes article is now online

GamesTM has just posted my Quest for Glory behind the scenes article on their website. This article ran in the magazine about a year ago. It was super fun to write (mainly because Lori Cole gave a kick-ass interview) and I’m excited that even more people will get a chance to read it now! The… Keep reading »

Hands-on preview of Telltale’s Jurassic Park

Man vs. beast. Who do you think will win? Last week I had the chance to play part of Telltale’s upcoming Jurassic Park game. Check out my hands-on impressions at Adventure Gamers. I’m really not a Jurassic Park fan—I only saw the first movie, once, back when it was in theaters—but I’m loving the departure… Keep reading »

Eye on iPhone, volume 2

The second installment of Eye on iPhone is now up at Adventure Gamers. This time around I looked at several “oldies” (the recent Broken Sword rereleases, Riven, and Colossal Cave Adventure) plus and a short-but-sweet new puzzle game named The Secret of Grisly Manor. Colossal Cave Adventure was the first adventure game ever, and I’d… Keep reading »

Gray Matter — something to look forward to

My review of Gray Matter has just been posted on Adventure Gamers. Designed by Jane Jensen, the storytelling powerhouse who co-authored King’s Quest VI and created the Gabriel Knight series, Gray Matter is a game I’ve been eagerly awaiting for a long time. The game was first announced in 2003 and was supposed to launch… Keep reading »

NaNoWriMo fail

I was fairly enthusiastic about NaNoWriMo for the first two weeks. Then… I got tired of it. And annoyed by it. And frustrated with myself and my apparent inability to write anything that didn’t suck. So I stopped, and for two weeks, I didn’t write at all. In those first two weeks I wrote 20,623… Keep reading »

Eye on iPhone feature at Adventure Gamers

I recently caught up with the 21st century by acquiring one of those sleek little “connected devices” everyone seems to be carrying around these days. The device in question is an iPod Touch, and my main motivation for choosing it over a regular iPod was so I could play games on it. Once I got… Keep reading »

NaNoWriMo: What a difference a day makes

Right, so November started this week, and with November comes NaNoWriMo. I participated last year and, to my amazement, actually wrote an entire novel (more or less) in a month. I’d spent nearly seven years finishing up my first novel, and it was empowering to realize that if I commit myself to it, I *can*… Keep reading »

Half scale issue of the Greenleaf Gazette

My 1:12 Greenleaf Arthur next to the 1:24 puzzle house Greenleaf, my favorite dollhouse manufacturer, sent out their monthly newsletter this week. It’s a special themed issue all about half scale and includes an article by yours truly. You can check it out here. The newsletter includes a 20% off coupon for Greenleaf’s online store,… Keep reading »

15 Days review posted at Adventure Gamers

Hey, wait a sec… where did August go? I’ve been picking up a lot of freelance work the past few weeks, which is part of the reason the blog’s been silent. Also: no dollhouse progress, very slow tomato progress, Rosy hasn’t done anything particularly noteworthy. (Well, other than being her adorable little self, of course.)… Keep reading »

Half scale window box project in American Miniaturist issue 88

My copy just arrived, so start checking your local mini store for this issue! I wrote a tutorial for the half scale window boxes my mom and I dreamed up for the Fairfield. The window boxes are made from skinny sticks, clay, and sprigs of fake flowers that you can get for cheap at stores… Keep reading »

GamesTM Scott Adams profile is now online

Recently GamesTM revamped their website, and they have been putting some of their magazine content online. Yesterday they posted the profile article I wrote about Scott Adams for Issue 88. GamesTM is a British magazine and not readily available in the States, so this is the first chance most American readers will have to see… Keep reading »

My review of Again: Eye of Providence

I’m a big fan of Japanese developer Cing. Trace Memory was the first adventure game I played on the Nintendo DS and it filled me with all sorts of hope that the genre was on the verge of a resurgence. I liked Hotel Dusk a little less, mainly because some aspects of the storyline and… Keep reading »

Tales of Monkey Island postmortem in Game Developer’s May issue

A few months ago, Telltale was offered the chance to do a Tales of Monkey Island postmortem in Game Developer, and they asked me to write it. The article appears in the May 2010 issue which is going out to subscribers now and will be available for purchase soon. I received sample copies on Friday—it… Keep reading »

My preview of The Whispered World

I’m finally caught up with my GDC previews (all three of them) and my impressions of The Whispered World have been posted at Adventure Gamers. Going into GDC I didn’t know a ton about this game, besides the fact that it seemed to have been in production forever. After seeing it in person, I’m pretty… Keep reading »

Jolly Rover preview on Adventure Gamers

This morning Adventure Gamers posted my early impressions of Jolly Rover, an independent game I saw at GDC. (Yes, GDC was three weeks ago. I blame the cold from hell.) Jolly Rover is a comedy game about pirates—scurvy dogs, the lot of ’em! It will be out for PC and Mac in June. As you… Keep reading »

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