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LeChuck where I least expected him

I bought myself the first season of Thirtysomething as an early Christmas present. I’m a borderline crazy fan of the Marshall Herskovitz / Edward Zwick shows My So-Called Life and Once and Again, and have been wanting to watch Thirtysomething—their first show—for ages now. (Initial impressions: kinda self-conscious, kinda slow in the storytelling, a bit… Keep reading »

Eye on iPhone feature at Adventure Gamers

I recently caught up with the 21st century by acquiring one of those sleek little “connected devices” everyone seems to be carrying around these days. The device in question is an iPod Touch, and my main motivation for choosing it over a regular iPod was so I could play games on it. Once I got… Keep reading »

King Graham has fleas

Last week Geoff and Rosy and I went on vacation to Irish Beach, near the Mendocino coast. I have some ridiculously pretty pictures of the ocean to post, along with some ridiculously adorable pictures of Rosy enjoying the beach, but first I wanted to share what was possibly the most (ridiculously) exciting moment of the… Keep reading »

15 Days review posted at Adventure Gamers

Hey, wait a sec… where did August go? I’ve been picking up a lot of freelance work the past few weeks, which is part of the reason the blog’s been silent. Also: no dollhouse progress, very slow tomato progress, Rosy hasn’t done anything particularly noteworthy. (Well, other than being her adorable little self, of course.)… Keep reading »

If you’re a King’s Quest fan, this will make you cry (in a good way)

The first time I watched this intro to The Silver Lining, Geoff glanced over at me and said, “Um, are you crying?” And yes, I was. If you’re a Sierra fan, seeing this is like coming home after a really, really long time. Then again, I cried multiple times tonight watching Toy Story 3. Maybe… Keep reading »

King Graham, is it really you?!

Okay, so way back in the days of my youth, I was a huge fan of King’s Quest. (Still am, though somewhat closeted. Heh.) Sometime around the early part of this century, though, Sierra was sold to Big Corporate America and it looked like we’d seen the last of King Graham. AGD Interactive did a… Keep reading »

GamesTM Scott Adams profile is now online

Recently GamesTM revamped their website, and they have been putting some of their magazine content online. Yesterday they posted the profile article I wrote about Scott Adams for Issue 88. GamesTM is a British magazine and not readily available in the States, so this is the first chance most American readers will have to see… Keep reading »

My review of Again: Eye of Providence

I’m a big fan of Japanese developer Cing. Trace Memory was the first adventure game I played on the Nintendo DS and it filled me with all sorts of hope that the genre was on the verge of a resurgence. I liked Hotel Dusk a little less, mainly because some aspects of the storyline and… Keep reading »

Tales of Monkey Island postmortem in Game Developer’s May issue

A few months ago, Telltale was offered the chance to do a Tales of Monkey Island postmortem in Game Developer, and they asked me to write it. The article appears in the May 2010 issue which is going out to subscribers now and will be available for purchase soon. I received sample copies on Friday—it… Keep reading »

Speaking of Shakespeare…

Yesterday’s announcement that the BBC will be releasing free Doctor Who adventure games in the near future reminded me of another free BBC game I played a few years ago that I really enjoyed—The Seven Noble Kinsmen: A Shakespeare Murder Mystery. To be honest I don’t remember much about it except that it stood out… Keep reading »

The play’s game’s the thing… mif2000’s Hamlet

I’m doing contract PR for Alawar Entertainment, who just released an interesting game named (deep breath) Hamlet, or the last game without MMORPG features, shaders and product placement. When I first heard about this game a few months ago, I was interested to check it out because I’m a big fan of media that comes… Keep reading »

My preview of The Whispered World

I’m finally caught up with my GDC previews (all three of them) and my impressions of The Whispered World have been posted at Adventure Gamers. Going into GDC I didn’t know a ton about this game, besides the fact that it seemed to have been in production forever. After seeing it in person, I’m pretty… Keep reading »

Jolly Rover preview on Adventure Gamers

This morning Adventure Gamers posted my early impressions of Jolly Rover, an independent game I saw at GDC. (Yes, GDC was three weeks ago. I blame the cold from hell.) Jolly Rover is a comedy game about pirates—scurvy dogs, the lot of ’em! It will be out for PC and Mac in June. As you… Keep reading »

Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse previewed

My hands-on preview of the upcoming Sam & Max season was posted this morning at Adventure Gamers. This was an interesting article to write, because for more than three years, I was the PR person soliciting articles just like this one. Tales of Monkey Island was already underway when I left Telltale, so even though… Keep reading »

Quest for Glory behind-the-scenes in GamesTM issue 93

I wrote a behind-the-scenes article about Lori and Corey Cole’s Quest for Glory series, which appears in this month’s issue of GamesTM. It’s on newsstands in the UK now. Of all of Sierra’s Quest series, Quest for Glory was the one I knew the least about when it released. I only played the VGA remake… Keep reading »

Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life review posted

My review of Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life went up this morning at Adventure Gamers. This is the first City Interactive game I’ve played, although I’ve been vaguely aware of their existence for a year or so now. They’re churning out regular installments of two adventure game series (The Art of Murder and… Keep reading »

Help Heather’s dream come true

My friend Heather Logas is a game designer. We worked together at Telltale. Like me, she’s now her own boss… and also like me, she has big, creative dreams. In my case, that creativity is generally channeled into fiction. In Heather’s case, it comes through in games, and they happen to be the types of… Keep reading »

The A.B.C. Murders – not exactly my favorite game of the year

Adventure Gamers has just published my review of Agatha Christie’s The A.B.C. Murders for Nintendo DS. I can’t say I enjoyed this game. (Luckily, the year is still young…) It feels very much like an attempt to channel Professor Layton, but starring Hercule Poirot. And unfortunately that attempt didn’t work out too well. In fact,… Keep reading »

Runaway: A Twist of Fate review posted at Adventure Gamers

This morning Adventure Gamers posted my review of Runaway: A Twist of Fate, the third game in the Runaway series. While I was working at Telltale I stayed away from reviewing PC games to avoid a conflict of interest, so this is my first PC review in quite a while. My first draft went into… Keep reading »

Is there a support group for this?

A sampling of my closet collection. SimCity 2000 is one of the few boxes from my childhood that I didn’t throw away; the rest were picked up at thrift stores. Old game boxes. Oh, how I love them. The hand-painted artwork on the outside, the manuals and trinkets and registration cards inside, the bigness and… Keep reading »

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