Geoff's been busy building an airplane (really!), so I got inspired to start working on the unassembled dollhouse that had been sitting around for years. He set up a card table for me in a corner of his hangar. Then I saw how much fun he had putting his airplane progress up on the web and decided to be a copycat. Hey, it's not about originality... it's about whoever has the most toys when they die. Or so I'm told.

Initially, I planned to cobble these three components together. (These are not my finished pieces... I "borrowed" the pictures from Hobby Builder's Supply). I ultimately decided to leave the garage for another project, because it's a bit too big to look good next to the house.

Garage addition kit With a working door!

Orchid dollhouse kit Much girlier than I intended for mine to be.

Conservatory kit This will be the kitchen.

And here are some pictures of my (mostly) finished house...

The finished house (sans addition).

In its new home (a shelf in my kitchen).

As of September 2003, the exterior of the house is done. I still have a lot of interior decorating to do, but I've brought the house home from the hangar, and I don't own a digital camera (I've been using Geoff's). So, I probably won't be taking as many pictures of the inside of the house.

This house took me almost a year to build. You can see my progress by clicking through the links below.

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